Timesharing Software Solutions

Nauticsoft is a timesharing and event-management software for Nautical Clubs, Charter Companies, Boat Owners and Nautical Schools. Share the passion for sailing.


Increase occupancy 

Nauticsoft permits you to generate constant revenue streams during the entire year. Do not become dependent on seasonal fluctuations and increase your occupancy rate.


Pay only when you sail

Members can purchase credit packs and apply purchased credits to the boat of their choice. The credit logic is divided into three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze - allowing you to manage calender saturation according to demand.


Fleet Management

Nauticsoft allows members to reserve a boat ahead of time, share reservations and book Last-Minute.


True Time Sharing Software

Manage all events and offer your members diversity. Nauticsoft allows you to engage with your member base. Sailing with you will always be fun.

Nauticsoft is not just a timesharing software solution, it is a complete business model for your sailing boat club. You will increase your revenues and member base.

Luis Krug CEO Nauticsoft

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Our time sharing solution is unique and designed specifically to enable you to manage a fleet of ships in co-ownership and allocate members generating the maximum occupancy level possible.

Albert MirĂ³ CTO Nauticsoft

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Increase occupancy rate of your fleet, share events with your members and increase your revenues. Nauticsoft is the all-in-one solution for the nautical sector.